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No Ones Want This Email Again..Ever
Are you in any of the situations below?
  • Your Etsy account has been closed for a nonsensical reason
  • You wonder why other sellers sell the same products as yours but their shops are still active and making a lot of sales
  • You’ve appealed many times with a lot of valid proof, but Etsy staff turned you down with canned responses
  • You opened a new account and got shut down overnight
  • You’re jealous of other Etsy sellers showing off their new record-breaking sales while you can't do anything

I Just Want You To Know That You're Not Alone

My name is Pon Nattawee; I sold POD products on Amazon for a while and started to sell on Etsy last year

  • My first Etsy account closed in one day with no prior warning
  • I appealed it with many proofs but got turned down
  • I signed up up again with a new identity and got shut down the next day
  • I did it again with a new email address, new internet line, new pc. The same thing happened

But now, my 4th Etsy account is 6 months old

it’s growing strong and getting many sales!
I know you may wonder what I did

Don't get me wrong, you can find bits and pieces of this information throughout the internet. But do you really want to spend months looking for the right information and then waste time trying each method to see if it works, creating new accounts in vain and wasting time and money?

EtzyReborn: The Secret Step-by-Step Guide
To Crank Out a New Etsy Account

(Last Updated 10/2023)

In This Guide, You Will...
  • receive a step-by-step guide to crank out a new stealth Etsy account
  • have something more than just a new email, new pc, new identity or new internet line
  • learn how not to get account closed again in the future
  • learn how to get payment and transfer to your bank account safely

Requirement: For a perfect result, this guide requires someone identity who doesn't have the same last name as yours and also can hand you his/her identity (if necessary). In my case, I use my wife's mom’s identity. 
I don't want you to make a fake one. This is a real business, not a game.

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This guide works on me and hundreads of our customers. However, I can't guarantee you all that this will work with you around the globe. Please try it at your own risk.

To Your Success,

Pon Nattawee

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